Most classes are open course so you may begin at any time.


Thinking Dogs LLC is not accepting new puppy clients at this time. 


Canine Adventures

6 weeks: $250 expires ten weeks from purchase

12 weeks: $480 expires sixteen weeks from purchase

Canine Adventures is open to fully vaccinated puppies and adult dogs who like to have fun in new places and/or have some support while learning to have fun in new environments.

Two to five classes will be held each month, always meeting in a different place. Some classes will be held locally (Yolo or surrounding counties) and others will be held in the mountains, foothills, at the coast, or wherever we find a good spot for an adventure. Some trips may require overnight lodging. This and any other incidental cost is not included! You are strictly paying for a Canine Adventure session at the site indicated.

Most local sessions will be about one hour in length, but class length varies for other destinations. Classes will be offered on some Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays depending upon the destination and weather necessitating changes.

What do we do in Canine Adventures?

Basic concepts include: How to create and maintain a loose leash, settle, that good things come from the handler, a default eye contact, and learn a "pause." 

We also play games, do dog parkour, work on foundation and advanced obedience skills, build stronger relationships with our dogs and help our dogs learn to enjoy the company of their classmates without being "in their face." 

Class outings: We can walk for up to one hour and have also been known to climb and hide under or behind things. We also go out to eat and/or drink.

So that even fearful dogs feel comfortable, it is always stressed that dogs and humans must know how to stay out of canine and human classmates' personal space and be non-reactive to people and other dogs. Reminders will be given when needed. 

Please contact Nancy Abplanalp

if you have any questions about the class or availability.

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