Most classes are open course so you may begin at any time.


Puppy Day Training

6 weeks: $230

One visit to my home each week (drop off and pick up)
One virtual lesson each week (in owner’s home)

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Puppy Day Training (PDT) is a service provided at my home. All COVID-19 protocols are followed and my business has been inspected and approved by county officials.

PDT allows puppies to meet other puppies, learn to play and practice social skills, meet new people, and explore novelty. The bulk of the hour is spent with puppies in a group where they are closely monitored and encouraged to try new activities, including climbing on foreign objects, going through tunnels, and hearing new sounds. Turn-taking is practiced at every session and a short verbal report is given when puppies are picked up at the end of the hour.

Puppies are grouped by age, size, and temperament. No puppy is forced to interact if they are fearful and puppies are taught how to initiate play without bullying. Puppy play is closely monitored so that all puppies feel safe and can hopefully find a special friend or two. Puppies will be moved to another group if this is a better fit for the puppy.

Puppies are usually pulled for individual work once per session. We work on a variety of skills, with most concentrating on low-stress handling, relationship building, and impulse control since these are the foundation skills for all other behaviors.

Videos and pictures of the PDT sessions are shared on a private Facebook group for owners to watch and share.

When puppy friends are identified, owners are encouraged to set up safe play dates outside of the PDT sessions so that puppies can continue to work on their social skills.

A virtual lesson is held once a week so that owners have an opportunity to work with their puppies under the supervision of the instructor. This lesson covers all key elements of a regular

Puppy Elementary class and has proven extremely beneficial since the puppies are not distracted by having the other puppies in close proximity while they are working on new skills.

Some packages include private consultations. The bulk of the individual consultations will be done virtually to reduce contamination and provide full focus on areas of concern.

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Gold Puppy Package

Initial consult, two one hour consults and six weeks Puppy Elementary $900
Expires five months after purchase

Silver Puppy Package

Initial consult, one one hour consult, six week Puppy Elementary $700
Expires five months after purchase

Bronze Puppy Package

Initial consult, six weeks Puppy Elementary
Expires four months after purchase


Canine College is NOT Currently Accepting New Enrollments

6 weeks: $200 | 12 weeks: $390 | 2020 Package: $1500

To attend Canine College handlers and dogs must demonstrate:

  • Impulse control
  • Knowledge of how to maintain a loose leash
  • An understanding that good things come from handler