We teach classes with one overriding goal.

To save dog’s lives


Thinking Dogs LLC is a Force Free organization. We are members of the Pet Professional Guild, a worldwide organization developed to share the latest research and training techniques, which are effective and pain free.

The team at Thinking Dogs LLC has pledged to remain current on all of the latest research on how dogs learn, think, play, behave, and communicate. We do this by attending at least two multi-day conferences a year, participating in webinars and on-line classes, streaming lectures, reading the latest behavior and dog training literature, and playing an active role in local, national, and international dog training communities. We follow our favorite researchers and fellow dog trainers on social media and websites, share ideas, and get together for impromptu brainstorming and planning.

We use clickers, food, toys, movement, play, sniffing, and a host of other popular reinforcement tools to raise the value of the owner and build a powerful relationship between a family and their dog.

We work hard to provide our clients with the most current scientific information that we have on dogs – how they learn, think, and communicate. With that knowledge, owners can understand how dogs learn and how to bring clarity to their relationship.

Thinking Dogs LLC gives back to the community by volunteering our time with various rescues in the community. We work with the dogs, consult on behavior issues, and offer our expertise when needed.

We are proud to have returning clients with their second, third, or fourth new family member. We are also delighted that so many clients decide to continue classes because they have discovered that having fun with their dog once a week brings even more joy to a wonderful dog/human relationship. We are honored to be a part of your lives. Thank you.


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